Hypericum and Lavender Mixed Bouquet



Product Details:

  • 8 Stems of Pink Hypericum
  • 4 Pink Lavenders
  • 4 Purple Lavenders
  • 4 White Lavenders
  • 2 Stems of Salix Sticks
  • Fillers- 4 Stems Song of India Leaves
  • Wrapped in Purple & White Fabric
  • Tied with Purple Ribbon Bow

Lavender Flowers Trivia:

  • The name of the flower "lavender" originates from Latin verb "lavare", which means "to wash". Lavender was an important part of bathing rituals in ancient Rome because of its disinfect and antiseptic properties.
  • Lavender flower represents purity, devotion, serenity, grace, & calmness.
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Hypericum and Lavender Mixed Bouquet متاحة للشراء بزيادة بالمقدار 1