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frequenly asked questions


How to open my own shop with nigwa/ how to sell my gifts with nigwa?

It is very easy to open your own shop with nigwa and start generating revenue. Just go to vendor dashboard and register your self. Provide information it ask for and click on register. Once we look into your information you will receive an approval email from us upon which you can login to your own dashboard and start uploading your products.

Is there any fees to register as seller with nigwa?

Absolutely not. It is free to register with nigwa. 

When can i return my gift ordered?

You can return your gift providing it is non-perishable products within 7 days of the product received. There are still few conditions applies.

  • If seal is broken or damaged your can return your product.The products must be in its original packing as received.
  • Pictures of the product must be shared with nigwa providing if the product is found to be defected or damaged.
  • If the product is found to be damaged or defected by the time as received, then you must contact nigwa at [email protected] and provide proper proof such as pictures of the products with your comments.
  • If items is received defected or damaged you must inform nigwa within 24 hours from receiving the product.

You can return your gift providing it is perishable within 24 to 48 hours from receiving products. Conditions are

  • The product is different from the product you ordered.
  • Product was damaged as received.
  • seal was broken or damaged.
  • You can contact us on [email protected]a.com, as you receive the product.

How can i get refund for my returned product?

The product must be eligible for return please visit our returns & refunds policy to check for eligibility. If the product meets our returns criteria, you will get your refund back within 7 to 14 working days depending on your bank.

Can i order in blunk from nigwa?

You can order any product in quantity wish to depending on the stock availibility with the vednor who is selling it.

What are the products which can not be sold with nigwa?

  • Animals and pets.
  • Drugs and products which are intoxicated.
  • Illegal products and all products which are prohibated by law.
  • Guns & ammunitation.
  • Porn and sexual films, sexual enhancement products.
  • Proucts which could harm the general public in any way.

If you have any further questions please reach us and we will be happy to serve you. contact us



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